10 Tips to Help Your Student Turn on the Back To School Charm


It’s back to school time! Whether those words have you jumping for joy or shedding tears, it’s here.  Each  school year, we parents experience a sense of renewed excitement for our kids. Maybe a little bit of nervousness too. We want our kids to be happy and well-adjusted.


Parents, you’ll need to share the tips with your student. They will magically turn your  youngster into the Belle of the 5th Grade Playground or the Prince Charming of Pre-K. Yes, even middle and high school students can benefit.  Tell them you read them somewhere. Claim I’m an expert. Don’t speak them as your words, coming from your parental mouth, or they may not listen. You get it. I get it. I’m a parent too. My kids’ eyes roll just as easily as your kids’ eyes.

Without further ado…..

Ten Tips for Turning on the Charm on the First Day of School… and Always

  1. Pick out and outfit for the first day that is comfortable and makes you feel fabulous!
  2. Stand tall and act confident – even when you’re nervous. Fake it ‘til you make it.
  3. Smile. It tells everyone that you are approachable and friendly.
  4. If there’s someone you want to get to know better, make eye contact, smile and say hello when you pass them in the hallway. It might be the first step towards a fantastic friendship.
  5. Dish out compliments. Everyone loves one and it’s the perfect way to start a conversation.
  6. Ask ‘Hey – what did you do this summer?’ Trips? Beach? Pool? Good books? Find out how they spent their time so you can converse and form a connection.
  7. Use your ears to listen. Ask questions and actively listen with head nods, eye contact and comments about what they said.
  8. Be energetic! The quiet girl in the corner doesn’t exactly scream “I want to get know you!”
  9. Be interesting. Know how you’ll answer the ‘What did you do this summer?’ question. If you respond with ‘nothing much’ it doesn’t really promote further conversation!
  10. Be positive. Complainers are such downers!
  11. BIG Time Bonus Alert #11: Show thy teacher love and respect! Introduce yourself on the morning of your first day and shake hands. WOW. Talk about making a positive first impression! You’ll be getting to run all the good errands around the school.


Did you notice that if you take the back to school theme out of the tips, they can be used for anyone, at any age? Oh yes they can! Plus – they are foundation builders for all kinds of social interactions extending way beyond the first few days of school. Master these at a young age and you’re set!

The most important tip acts as an umbrella to those listed above: Let your child know you love him. Simply love him. You have confidence in him. Together you will celebrate the ups of the school year and support him if he has to manage a bump in the road. It will  be OK. A child who knows he is loved and accepted almost always is charming!

What back to school tips, advice or traditions do you have in your house? Please share in the comments section below. I’d love to see them and I’m sure the other readers would too. We’re in this parenting thing together! There is no how-to book, just each other.

Originally posted last year in August, I thought this was a good blog to share again as we all prepare for this time of year. Hope it helps!

Best wishes for a school year full of happiness, fun and success!

Mind Your Manners,




  1. Fabulous tips, Kelly! I will pass on to both college and HS kiddos, from my expert friend!

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