5 Tips for Holiday Party Guests


Ho, ho, ho! The holiday season is upon us and with that comes the holiday party. A neighborhood gathering, office party or festive occasion with old friends all call for you to keep in mind these five pointers.

RSVP. The “R” in RSVP means RIGHT(away)! Or at the very latest, by the date listed on the invitation. Give your host the courtesy of letting her know if you will be joining in the annual Bad Christmas Sweater party. Hosts need to plan for food and drink. When you RSVP, ask if there is anything you can bring to the festivities.

Bring a hostess gift. Who isn’t instantly won over with a kind and thoughtful gift? It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive, just thoughtful. A favorite bottle of wine, your specialty holiday bake goods or a game for the family all will be appreciated.

Mix and Mingle. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…you were invited because your hosts wants YOU there. People make a party. Be your best self, meet others and work that room. Have fun!  Oh – and don’t drink too much of the eggnog or other holiday spirits, especially if it is an office holiday party. Poor professional move!

Clean up after yourself. Do I really need to state this? You don’t need to be mopping the floor, but simply and courteously take care of your own plates and glasses.

Send a thank you note. Yes. Take out a note card and stamp and write. It may be old fashion, but handwritten notes still make the greatest impact because they show you took the time. If you just really can’t bring yourself to send a note, then a thank you phone call or e-mail also shows that you appreciate the holiday hospitality. Of course, texting and  private Facebook messages works better than e-mail for the “younger” kids.

‘Tis the Season to Mind Your Manners,





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