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How to Approach a Potentially Heated Exchange

Conflict. Discourse. Emotions. Hurt Feelings. Incivility. Disagreements, both personally and professionally, are part of life. We’ve all had them. We will continue to have them. Challenging, questioning or offering your […]

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The Manners Pig: A Creative Way to Teach Table Manners

Parents regularly tell me that the highest area of manner “pain” for them is table manners. We eat three meals a day. Even when your kids go off to school […]

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Is there Etiquette Concerning Sharing about our Kids on Social Media?

If you’re living in the 21st century (check.), have kids (check.) and engage with others on any of the various social media platforms (check.), this is a hot topic. It’s […]

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Two Power Words You Should Use More Often

The magic words.  Please You’re welcome Excuse me I’m sorry And today’s feature…. THANK YOU! Of course astute you knows to use a genuine, sincere “thank you” when receiving a […]

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My Advice on Giving Advice

My advice on giving advice is best summed up by the mid-80’s pre-rap band, RUN-DMC: It’s Tricky. (Go ahead….“tricky, tricky, tricky”. I know you can’t resist.) There are so many […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Friends AND Talk Politics

There’s no escaping it. Politics. Politics. Sex. Religion. Three topics you should avoid in conversation. I agree that is wise advice. Especially in a professional setting. I will also acknowledge […]

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Are You an Annoying Tourist?

We recently returned from a wonderful family vacation to Spain where we were all-out, 100%, tourists with a capital T: going on group tours, visiting beautiful monuments, taking pictures, taking […]

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Interruption Etiquette

You’re meeting a potential new client at your local coffee shop. A friend walks in the door, sees you and wanders over to your small gathering of two. She proceeds […]

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Awkward Encounter? No Way!

When someone starts a sentence with, “I don’t want this to be awkward…” Do you tense? Do your defenses kick in over-drive? Do you take a deep breath and wait […]

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Are You Social Enough?

Yet another excellent blog topic from a reader! She writes: My husband and I recently attended a professional dinner where we were assigned seating at a table of eight. When […]

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Nothing's Finer Than A Fine Young Diner

Use these table manners tips to turn your child into a delightful diner!  Read Kelly’s article as featured in Eastern Home and Travel Magazine.

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Pack Your Manners

Traveling with kids? Read Kelly’s article as published in Eastern Home & Travel

Networking Etiquette: What Do You Know?

Thank you to Team Network for having me as their guest speaker at their Netfast in Rockville, MD. Click on the link to watch our netiquette discussion.

Team Network Netfast

Manners Schmanners! Read Kelly’s Interview in FindIt Frederick!