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Did You Know #5

Know to Say No to Corrections! Being well-mannered is NOT a license to correct others for their behaviors, mispronunciations and misspellings. Just because you are the spelling and grammar extraordinaire, […]

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Did You Know? #4

Did you know…. If you drop a utensil on the floor while dining out, you should leave it there. Politely mention to the server that you have done so and ask for […]

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Did You Know? #3

Did You Know……The Ins and Outs of Doors As you go through a door, look behind you and notice if another is following you through the doorway. It’s always nice to […]

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Did You Know? #2

Everybody knows to always have their napkin on their lap while eating, right? But did you know….. Napkins Notes: As soon as you are seated at the table, place your napkin on your […]

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Did You Know? #1

I don’t know about you, but when summer arrives, the type of books I read changes. No deep books that make me ponder the meaning of my life or learn how the great cathedrals […]

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The Gracious Guest

Since the last blog was about being a Happy Host, I felt the need to balance out the equation and discuss the Gracious Guest. A favorite saying in the Etiquette World is “Don’t […]

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The Happy Host

With summer comes graduation parties, cookouts with friends, and the occasion to hang out with neighbors by the pool. Hooray! Entertaining can be loads of fun, but too often we don’t host a gathering because the […]

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Techno Manners Tip – Your Bluetooth

While out enjoying a delicious breakfast with my family, I happened to glance at a women seated nearby and noticed something hanging from her ear. What was it? Her Bluetooth. O. No. Basically, what […]

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Opening Gifts

I heard from so many parents after my last blog about “registering” a gift list for a child’s birthday party and suggesting, via party invite, what particular gift is desired. I always appreciate […]

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Gift Registry for Children’s Birthdays?

I love hearing from all of you. Thank you for sharing what you have experienced or seen in the manner world. There is always plenty of fodder for etiquette blogging. […]

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Networking Etiquette: What Do You Know?

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