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5 Ways to Keep Your Friends AND Talk Politics

There’s no escaping it. Politics. Politics. Sex. Religion. Three topics you should avoid in conversation. I agree that is wise advice. Especially in a professional setting. I will also acknowledge […]

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What NOT To Say When Expressing Sympathy

Too often, we  say something, with no intentions of being ill-mannered or insensitive, but we are. This can be especially true when speaking with a person who is experiencing the […]

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Raising Kids To Be Conversationalists

My FAVORITE part of our Valentine dinner is the conversation around the table. We’re all together. No one is running out the door and everyone stays around the table until dessert is gone. But its not just at Valentine’s Day when I appreciate conversation with my kids. It’s always. We know as adults that certain kids are natural conversationalist. You put them in any group of people and they make connections. But for the majority of our young people (and a lot of adults too), becoming a great conversationalist takes practice. Lots of practice, growing out of the often awkward stages of youth and being comfortable in your own skin. It takes confidence. And practice. Practice. Practice. This practice really needs to take place at home. Here are a few resources to support you as you give your child the gift of gab. Make sure you read all the way through. I saved the best for last.

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Are You Interesting Enough? Probably Not.

There’s a new disease in town! Or should it be classified as a condition? What about social syndrome? Disorder? What exactly is the difference between disease, disorder, syndrome and condition? […]

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5 Simple Tricks for Remembering Names

Why is it that something so simple is such a challenge? We struggle with it even more as we “age gracefully.” We all know someone who is fantastic with remembering names and we’re impressed. What’s their secret? It’s easier than you think.

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Do You Know Who You Are Talking To!?

“Do you know who you’re talking to!?” The exclamation point is first because those words aren’t really asking a question. It’s more of a statement. A statement that might infer one of the following:

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The Kitchen Table

Last week our family of five enjoyed the last meal together at our “old” kitchen table. It was a table that served us well over the past thirteen plus years. As we were eating dinner and talking about the delivery of our new kitchen table, I was hit with a HUGE “AHA!” moment. I had never given much thought to the significance a kitchen table plays in our lives. So here’s my tribute to all the kitchen tables out there:

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The Gossip

You see her coming. You DON’T want to hear it! You know that gossip leads to trouble and is poor manners. We see it with teenage girls and women whose […]

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Watch What You Say When You’re Not Talking

Did you know that non-verbal communication can account for up to 93% of what we “say?”   According to the research of Albert Mehrabian: 7% of meaning in the words […]

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Did You Know #7

The Magic Words Inspire civility in your everyday life by using the magic words!  We learned them when we were toddlers and they should be used all day, every day […]

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Nothing's Finer Than A Fine Young Diner

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Pack Your Manners

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Networking Etiquette: What Do You Know?

Thank you to Team Network for having me as their guest speaker at their Netfast in Rockville, MD. Click on the link to watch our netiquette discussion.

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