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A Simple Thank You

The start of our conversation went like this…. “Hey Girls! Time for me to write a blog. Why don’t I write from a perspective of a high school student. What […]

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Diners Misbehaving at Dinner

I have a renewed appreciation for servers of the world because, quite honestly, we diners are not always the best mannered. And yes, although servers could always use a bit of dining awareness, the stories of REALLY rude diners are plentiful! Here are a few friendly reminders for when you venture out to eat next time.

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This ONE Attitude Could Change Our Political Climate

I just can’t help myself! I must make my political views known!

Before you read ahead to find out if I’m a donkey, an elephant, or still touring the zoo, please know that my political party is unique. Its’ characteristics and talking points are unlike anything you’ll likely ever witness during our nation’s election mania.

I am not a DEM, or REP or IND.

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Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

I’m a believer that deep down inside everyone wants to be nice. Each person wants to do the right and good thing. It makes us feel better. I’m pretty certain that readers of my blog are the same people that each day enact several random and not-so-random acts of kindness. This blog post is especially for you.

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The Gossip

You see her coming. You DON’T want to hear it! You know that gossip leads to trouble and is poor manners. We see it with teenage girls and women whose […]

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Gift Giving Dilemma

Kristin shared her recent holiday gift situation: A friend recently stopped by and dropped off a beautiful Christmas gift for our family. I didn’t get her family a present and can’t afford to match […]

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5 Tips for Holiday Party Guests

Ho, ho, ho! The holiday season is upon us and with that comes the holiday party. A neighborhood gathering, office party or festive occasion with old friends all call for you […]

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First Impressions

We all have our favorites, right? Favorite song, TV show, food, movie, child. Oops – NO favorite child! I admit to having a favorite class I teach.  I love teaching it […]

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The Art of Time

Punctuality is the politeness of kings. ~ Attributed to Louis XVIII of France While the term “on time” may be fairly straightforward, it actually can take on different meanings, depending on the […]

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Watch What You Say When You’re Not Talking

Did you know that non-verbal communication can account for up to 93% of what we “say?”   According to the research of Albert Mehrabian: 7% of meaning in the words […]

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Nothing's Finer Than A Fine Young Diner

Use these table manners tips to turn your child into a delightful diner!  Read Kelly’s article as featured in Eastern Home and Travel Magazine.

fine young diner article

Pack Your Manners

Traveling with kids? Read Kelly’s article as published in Eastern Home & Travel

Networking Etiquette: What Do You Know?

Thank you to Team Network for having me as their guest speaker at their Netfast in Rockville, MD. Click on the link to watch our netiquette discussion.

Team Network Netfast

Manners Schmanners! Read Kelly’s Interview in FindIt Frederick!