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Are You Social Enough?

Yet another excellent blog topic from a reader! She writes: My husband and I recently attended a professional dinner where we were assigned seating at a table of eight. When […]

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First Impressions and Social Media

If I say “first impression”  what comes to mind?  Dress, handshake, personal grooming, posture and self-introduction?  We can probably agree that the first impression you make can be significant to […]

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5 Simple Tricks for Remembering Names

Why is it that something so simple is such a challenge? We struggle with it even more as we “age gracefully.” We all know someone who is fantastic with remembering names and we’re impressed. What’s their secret? It’s easier than you think.

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Did My Tattoos Cost Me A Job?

A modern day issue – especially with the younger crowd: visible tattoos and body piercings. Some we see. Some we don’t. Regardless of the class I’m teaching or the audience – assuming a minimum age of 15 – the question comes up: What about tattoos and piercing? My response. It depends.

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Don’t Tweet This If You Want to Be A Pageant Queen

  This blog is dedicated to all the Miss Seattles out there. Those of you who think your social media interactions aren’t part of your personal branding. Personal branding?  Why […]

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Nothing's Finer Than A Fine Young Diner

Use these table manners tips to turn your child into a delightful diner!  Read Kelly’s article as featured in Eastern Home and Travel Magazine.

fine young diner article

Pack Your Manners

Traveling with kids? Read Kelly’s article as published in Eastern Home & Travel

Networking Etiquette: What Do You Know?

Thank you to Team Network for having me as their guest speaker at their Netfast in Rockville, MD. Click on the link to watch our netiquette discussion.

Team Network Netfast

Manners Schmanners! Read Kelly’s Interview in FindIt Frederick!