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The Manners Pig: A Creative Way to Teach Table Manners

Parents regularly tell me that the highest area of manner “pain” for them is table manners. We eat three meals a day. Even when your kids go off to school […]

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A Dining Etiquette Tip You Need to Know

Aside from napkins on lap, this every day table manner is important to know: Never leave your used utensil on the table. Where should you put it when resting between […]

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This Etiquette Tip is Counter-Intuitive

You drop something, you pick it up. Right? Not always. If you drop a utensil on the floor while dining out, you should leave it there. Politely mention to the server that […]

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Napkins: A Piece of Fabric with Many Rules

Everybody knows to always have their napkin on their lap while eating, right? But did you know….. Napkins Notes: As soon as you are seated at the table, place your napkin on your […]

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The Kitchen Table

Last week our family of five enjoyed the last meal together at our “old” kitchen table. It was a table that served us well over the past thirteen plus years. As we were eating dinner and talking about the delivery of our new kitchen table, I was hit with a HUGE “AHA!” moment. I had never given much thought to the significance a kitchen table plays in our lives. So here’s my tribute to all the kitchen tables out there:

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Diners Misbehaving at Dinner

I have a renewed appreciation for servers of the world because, quite honestly, we diners are not always the best mannered. And yes, although servers could always use a bit of dining awareness, the stories of REALLY rude diners are plentiful! Here are a few friendly reminders for when you venture out to eat next time.

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Driving a BMW and Your Place Setting

What’s the connection between driving a BMW and your place setting? Imagine yourself seated at the table at a beautiful wedding (napkin in lap of course). Notice the many utensils, […]

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When Should I Begin To Eat?

Yum. The smell of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and all the Thanksgiving meal fixings are enough to make you jump the gun and dig in – despite knowing that you […]

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Did You Know #8?

Your Knife and Fork – Resting and Finished Positions When you are done with a meal, your knife and fork should be placed side by side, across your plate in […]

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Did You Know? #4

Did you know…. If you drop a utensil on the floor while dining out, you should leave it there. Politely mention to the server that you have done so and ask for […]

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Nothing's Finer Than A Fine Young Diner

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Pack Your Manners

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Networking Etiquette: What Do You Know?

Thank you to Team Network for having me as their guest speaker at their Netfast in Rockville, MD. Click on the link to watch our netiquette discussion.

Team Network Netfast

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