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The Power of Simplicity

It was a simple gesture, but one with appreciable effect.

As I riffled through my snail-mail, a handwritten envelope caught my eye. I smiled a big smile and read a simple “thank you” card from an individual who attended a recent civility workshop I conducted. I met him for the first time that evening of the workshop. His message was simple: “I enjoyed the class very much. You do a great presentation. Thanks again.” That’s a picture of the card that brought a huge smile to my face. The card I placed on my kitchen counter and I smile each time I see it.

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Inconsiderate Inconspicuous Invitations

Have you ever been part of a conversation that resembles this one?
Friend: Hey – What are you doing Friday night?
With thoughts of an invitation for a couples dinner at a hip new restaurant or a fun girls night out, you reply:
Nothing. Why? What’s going on?
Friend: Excellent! My husband and I are going out to dinner with a few other couples and we’d love to drop the kids off at your house to play with your kids while we go out (OR We need someone to walk the new puppy OR a designated driver OR a chauffeur for kids OR…).
Dumbfounded You : Uh. Uh. Uh.

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Guilt and the Thank You Note

Nothing makes my day more than writing a blog post about a real-life etiquette situation because it means that it’s REAL. I love  keeping it real with our interactions. None […]

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RSVP = Please, Please, PLEASE Reply

If you were to take a survey of the etiquette violation I hear the most about, I have a VERY clear winner. Failure to RSVP. I hear about this etiquette […]

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Does a Simple “No” Do the Trick?

A thoughtful friend recently e-mailed me for my opinion on the subject of declining an invitation. She wrote:
“I think the polite way to decline is a simple, “Oh, I’m sorry. That date won’t work for me.” Maybe with your mother or your best friend, you elaborate, but in general, I think elaborating looks like excuse-making or groveling. I’m stunned to find that my way is seen as the impolite way and the polite way is, “Oh, I’m sorry. On the 16th, I’m going to a dinner gala with friends.” Or whatever…

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When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do

My husband and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary by taking a special trip to Italy! I have never visited Italy. I’m SO excited thinking about the amazing and […]

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What’s a Girl at a Boy Scout Meeting To Do?

What is the etiquette when you are a guest – at a meeting; in a house of worship that is a different religious denomination than yours; or in a foreign country while their national anthem is being sung or recited? What should you do when pledges, songs or anthems are being spoken or sung, but yet you either don’t know the words or don’t “own” them?

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A Simple Thank You

The start of our conversation went like this…. “Hey Girls! Time for me to write a blog. Why don’t I write from a perspective of a high school student. What […]

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Diners Misbehaving at Dinner

I have a renewed appreciation for servers of the world because, quite honestly, we diners are not always the best mannered. And yes, although servers could always use a bit of dining awareness, the stories of REALLY rude diners are plentiful! Here are a few friendly reminders for when you venture out to eat next time.

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This ONE Attitude Could Change Our Political Climate

I just can’t help myself! I must make my political views known!

Before you read ahead to find out if I’m a donkey, an elephant, or still touring the zoo, please know that my political party is unique. Its’ characteristics and talking points are unlike anything you’ll likely ever witness during our nation’s election mania.

I am not a DEM, or REP or IND.

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