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It can be tough to juggle drinks and a plate full of food at a party. Throw in the occasional handshake and you just might go crazy. I recently learned something new at a party my husband and I attended. I love learning new tidbits of behavior to share with all of you!

The  BIG 40 party we attended was catered by professional wait and bar staff. It featured several nifty drinks to compliment the birthday boy’s big occasion. We happily went to the bar to sample one of the festive drinks and then went inside where we placed our drinks on a table while we talked.

Noticing the amazing collection of mini desserts, we wandered over to check it out…and perhaps sample one or two or three or four…..As we made our way back to the table where our nearly-full drinks waited, we discovered they were GONE! Gasp!

Reluctantly, with visions of being viewed as  heavy drinkers by the bartender, my husband and I went back to the bar and ordered another drink. Of course, guilt of wasted-disappearing-drinks eating at me and a surprised “WOW . You must have really enjoyed that first drink A LOT” look from the bartender, I felt the need to tell him that we just set our drinks down for a moment while we checked out the dessert table. (OK. Maybe it took us more than a moment. There were plenty of good MINI desserts!)

And here it is ladies and gentleman…the new cocktail party trick I am going to teach you, thanks to the bartender……

He told me to place my napkin on top of my drink. That signals to the waitstaff that you are not finished and not to remove your glass.

Oh happy days! You mean the cocktail napkin has another purpose, aside from catching the drink’s condensation and having funny sayings written on it?

There it is. Now you know. Use it wisely. I just hope that all professional waitstaff know this little trick. Otherwise, I may be getting that same look from the bartender again.

Mind Your Manners,


  1. Love the tip. Will try it and let you know how it goes though I am much more inclined to risk losing my dessert than my drink. Miss you, girl friend! Jax

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I never knew that little trick. Now if only I could find some really cute cocktail napkins that say “Meditate While Multi-Tasking”…I could carry them with me and set my drink down anytime I want! :-))

  3. Great tip, but I have one to add to it. Not that Kelly would ever go to a party where this would take place, but you really never want to leave your drink unattended – especially if you are a college age lady. Too many possibilities that have really poor consequences.

    • Kelly

      Thank you Emily. Yes – an unfortunate, but necessary and real, reminder to to add to this tip.

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