Do You Close the Loop?


I recently read The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change by Adam Braun. The book chronicles Braun’s own amazing journey of starting Pencils of Promise (PoP), a non-profit that has build over 200 schools around the world.

What inspired me to purchase the book was the thirty mantras that Braun uses as his chapter titles, including:

  • Do the small things that make others feel big
  • Asking for permission is asking for denial
  • Walk with a purpose
  •  Focus on one person in every room
  • There is only one chance to make a first impression
  • You can not fake authenticity

The chapter I found  intriguing  was Learn to close the loop.

Hmm..close the loop?

Here’s what Adam Braun had to say:

“In an effort to become better at acknowledging the people who helped us make an impact, I mandated a hand-written thank you note policy. Everyone had to write two thank-you notes a month, one personal and one professional. Twice a month, at noon, we would stop whatever we were working on, distribute Pencils of Promise stationary and give everyone fifteen minutes to write a letter, address an envelope and seal it. We collected them , added postage, and put them in the mail….it became paramount within PoP to “close the loop” by showing people the change they’d created in the lives of others…..”

Holy Smokes Batman! 

Although this is not a new concept, I loved how Braun put it: CLOSE THE LOOP.  Thank people for what they’ve done. Show them they or their actions are appreciated.

Got customers? Then this concept should be a total  Eureka Moment for you!

Sit on this thought: After you spend loads of money to attract customers by ways of marketing, are you closing the loop with them at the conclusion of your service? Asking for feedback? Checking on their satisfaction? Sending them a personalized thank you note? Asking for a testimonial?  Letting them know how very much you value their business and appreciate their trust.

Will you as a person, business owner or solo entrepreneur distinguish yourself by closing the loop in your personal and professional relationships?

I spent a few moments yesterday closing the loop (AKA: THANKING) several organizations that volunteered their time for an event at my daughter’s high school.  The event and each of them were amazing and they made a difference for the 600 students in the junior and senior classes! They needed to hear that so they have the same enthusiasm and passion for the next group of high schoolers with whom they work.

How about you?

Do you close the loop with your personal relationships? Send a quick text saying “It was great seeing you” or “Thanks for spending time with me.” or  “How are you feeling today?

Professionals – are you doing the same in your business of ONE (even if you work for a large corporation – you are a business of one.)?  Follow up after you’ve met someone at an event?  Thank a customer for their referral?  Tell a contact to keep up the great work they are doing at XYZ company?

Life is about relationships. Relationships have many loops. Make sure you close the loops when you have the opportunity. It will help your relationships grow.

Mind Your Manners,





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