Do You Know Who You Are Talking To!?


Do you know who you’re talking to!?” The exclamation point is first because those words aren’t really asking a question. It’s more of a statement. A statement that might infer one of the following:

  • I’m better/more important than you.
  • Don’t mess with me because I can really mess with you. 
  • I’m a famous celebrity and you’re just a lowly public servant.
  •  I’m in charge here.
  • Don’t you dare talk to me that way.


I’ll ask the question again. This time without an exclamation point.

Do you know who you are talking to?

Do you know  the receptionist at the dentist’s office has a son with a severe disability and he’ll be forever dependent on her?

Do you know the person you see nearly every day at the gym was diagnosed with cancer last week?

Do you know your neighbor was told his company has decided to eliminate his position and he is out of a job in a month?

Do you know the customer service rep on the phone who just listened to you rant about your new bathing suit being a “different” color than the picture is going through an emotional divorce and it takes everything in her just to get out of bed each day?

Do you know your friend’s heart aches every day for the child she loss years ago? Her heart ache never goes away.

Do you know that the pizza delivery guy is working hard at BOTH of his jobs to save enough money so he can attend college? Or provide for his family?

We interact with people ALL day. Every day. ALL types of people. Some we know. Some are strangers. Some we love with all our heart. Every one of these people have “stuff” going on. Might be good stuff. Might be bad stuff. Might be more terrible and awful than your brain can imagine. Perspective is an amazing gift to be given, but sometimes it arrives late.

As you go about your day, practice kindness and understanding with EVERY interaction.

Because often you really don’t know who you’re talking to.


Mind Your Manners,




  1. I love this post, especially the line about perspective. Awesome advice to live by. Thanks.

    • Kelly

      Thank YOU for reading Joy! I always wish to have the gift of perspective, but know that’s impossible. It’s amazing what you discover when you take the time to really talk to people.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Perspective seems to be lacking these days. I wish for everyone to take the time to think before they speak and To be more empathetic. Remember that even if you are going through something stressful in your life…you are not the only one dealing with issues. Thanks Kelly!!

    • Kelly

      So true Kelly! Sometimes we get so caught up in our own issues that we overlook opportunities to be there for others.

  3. What a gentle reminder for each and every one of us….Thank you! : )
    LOVE your blogs

    • Kelly

      Thank you for your kind words Linda.. and for reading!

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