Don’t Tweet This If You Want to Be A Pageant Queen



This blog is dedicated to all the Miss Seattles out there. Those of you who think your social media interactions aren’t part of your personal branding.

Personal branding?  Why do I need that?

Got job interview? Personal branding.

Got volunteer opportunity? Personal branding.

Got friends? Personal branding.

Got Miss Seattle crown? Personal branding.

Personal branding is slightly different than reputation. A reputation is known to those who know us/of us in some capacity. Your personal brand is much broader since it can be viewed by the entire world. Thank you Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Thank you Internet. Thank you Google.

We ALL are out there!

Allow me to share the story of the newly crowned Miss Seattle, who in December very innocently tweeted “Ugh. Can’t stand cold rainy Seattle and the annoying people.”

No profanity. No inappropriate pictures. She was simply tweeting how she felt on that particular day in December, missing Arizona where she went to college.

No big deal, right? Well not when you are Miss Seattle. That one tweet from several months ago landed her in the national spotlight. Not the way I’d want to be mentioned on Good Morning America or The Today Show. The tweet didn’t match her new title of Miss Seattle and the personal brand of such.

If I looked at your social media accounts, what would I see?

Today I spoke with high school juniors about interviewing and asked them to please clean up their social media profile because 91% of recruiters use it in making a hiring decision (Mashable.com Oct. 2011). I also informed them that college admissions offices utilize social media sites.

Are you being intentional with your on-line image? I’ve blogged before about first impressions and judging books by their covers, but the image you portray on-line can be pre-first impressions AND post-first impressions. For those that have never met you, it IS your cover. Look at your sites from an outsider’s eyes. Do they portray you in the way you wish to be portrayed?

Mind Your Manners,


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