Driving a BMW and Your Place Setting


What’s the connection between driving a BMW and your place setting?

Imagine yourself seated at the table at a beautiful wedding (napkin in lap of course). Notice the many utensils, glasses and plates. Oh my! You take a sip of what you think to be your water glass, only to notice the person to your left taking a sip out of the same water glass moments later. After you think “yuck” – your next thought is “oops!” Whose water goblet is it?

When seated at the table, drive your BMW. Bread . Meal. Water. Left to right, just like we read.  Your bread and butter plate is to your left.  Your main meal plate is center and your steering wheel. And finally, your water (and wine) glasses are to your right. It’s that easy.

Look out summer weddings and end-of-season-banquets! This blog reader will NOT make the mistake of stealing his neighbor’s water goblet!

Being confident at the dining table allows you to feel comfortable so you can truly enjoy the meal and your company.

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