Etiquette Tip #1


The handshake…the universal gesture in the Western culture for: Nice to meet you. Pleasure to see you again. Congratulations. May the best team win.

My first blog etiquette tip is where good manners begin: your handshake. Don’t mess around with this one. Guys – shake my hand like a floppy fish and I’ll think you’re wimpy, lack confidence or are patronizing me because I’m a girl. Grab my hand in a vice grip and I’ll consider you making a power move or way too overzealous.

Did you know that there are people who study the handshake? Really. Go ahead and Google it. You’ll even see where a recent handshake study (yep) showed that a majority of Americans prefer the fist bump to the handshake. Hmmmm…can’t really see the fist bump being used in a business setting.

Look at your right hand. See that webbing between your thumb and index finger? Just like a duck. When you shake another’s hand, make sure your webbing connects with their webbing. A couple of up and down pumps, eye contact, a smile and speak clearly. You’re golden.

A simple handshake may be your first impression. Don’t make it be your last. Make it count.

Mind Your Manners,


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