Etiquette Tip #2


When introducing two people who don’t know each other, always state the more important person’s name first. Yikes! How do I decide who exactly is more important?

The more “important” person is based on rank, position, age (old people rule!) or by gender (in social situations, a woman’s name should be stated first; sorry guys -chics also rule).

Let’s say you are introducing your boss to a client. Whose name do you state first? The boss who pays you on the 15th  and 30th of every month or the client who makes it possible for your boss to pay you on the15th and 30 of every month?

That’s right my little trainees. You would state your client’s name first.

What about when introducing your child’s school principal to your wife or husband? Whose name is stated first? The husband who still loves you dearly despite all your shortcomings (oops – didn’t mean to get personal) ? Or the principal who will most certainly ensure that your brilliant prodigy child gets into the gifted and talented program upon a VERY successful kindergarten year?

Well done polite peeps! You would state the principal’s name first out of respect for his/her position of authority (plus you completely want that GT program).

Two more things about introducing two people. Try to stand between them when introducing and make sure you state both names twice, to help everyone remember names of their new acquaintances. For example, “Captain Kangaroo, I’d like  to introduce my sister Jill. Jill, I’d like you to meet Captain Kangaroo.”

The next several etiquette tips will be all about making conversation with these great people you just met via a proper introduction.

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