First Impressions


We all have our favorites, right? Favorite song, TV show, food, movie, child. Oops – NO favorite child!

I admit to having a favorite class I teach.  I love teaching it so much that I try to weave bits and pieces into nearly every course I teach. It’s the one where I get to talk to kids and adults about the first impression they are making. It is my favorite because I believe it is so important.

One, two, three… maybe four. Done. First impression made. That quickly, that easily.

Ever heard of judging a book by its’ cover? You probably have when your mom told you NOT to do just that. Get to know people, don’t make assumptions about who they are based on how they look. Sound familiar? I talk to my three kids about this and earnestly believe in it.

But then I also tell them something else. As I do with all the students in my classes.

You will always be judged by your cover.

What does your cover say about you?

Do you have a nice firm handshake?

Do you make eye contact when you speak to people?

Are you smiling, giving off a warm and welcoming vibe? Or are you cool, non-chalant and don’t really care?

Does your body language say that you are confident (everyone has to fake it sometimes)?

Are you dressed appropriately for the setting and occasion?

Unfortunately, many people are out there interviewing these days. Your first impression will account for a great deal of the success of your interview. Make a poor first impression and you have an uphill battle. Same in the classroom with kids. Teachers also form first impressions. We are ALL guilty.

Hopefully we can take the time to get beyond that first impression. Sometimes we are not given a chance or give others a chance.

A first impression is made once and only once. Get it? That’s why it is called a first impression.

Make sure your book’s cover is saying the right thing about you.

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