How Not To Be a Bore


I know that those of you reading this post would never be considered a bore. But in the event that the person you are conversing with begins to yawn uncontrollably or has a sudden case of the head bobs, you may need to recognize that we all can fall into the boring category at some point.

Follow these five pointers to keep your conversation lively.

Ask questions. No I’m not talking about bombarding a person with question after question like your parents did when you were out past curfew. I’m talking about finding out more about a person. Be genuinely interested in them.

Talk about something other than yourself. Charlie, what you like to do outside of work? Beth, what are your plans for this summer? Discover your common ground so you can have a conversation that resembles a ping-pong match. That’s our goal!

Don’t talk all the time. It is often said that the best conversationalist is the best listener. Make others feel fascinating. Take a break and come up for air. You’ll rarely be considered a bore if you talk less than you listen.

Keep ’em wanting more.The dream you had last night may be super fascinating to you, but chances are, not to anyone else unless it involves disclosing a winning lottery number. Use restraint when sharing details of your favorite TV show, movie or the exact process you have to go through when applying for a grant at work. BOR-ING!

Come armed with a few hot topics. I once attended a networking event where I knew there would be lots of men. Since the Yankees were not World Series bound, I had lost interest in the MLB playoffs. I did a quick bit of research before I left to bring myself up to speed on the playoffs. It was a natural conversation starter. If my new acquintance commented that he didn’t really follow baseball, it allowed me to ask if they were Ravens fans. No? Then Redskins? Oh wow – Colts. Why a Colts fan? Ah yes – Peyton. I like him too. He’s all that is good about the pros……and on and on the two-way conversation goes. You get my point.

Conversation: Keep it real. Keep it sincere. Keep it moving.

Coming up next….What to do when someone is boring you.

Mind Your Manners,


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  1. Great tips, Kelly! I’ve never done MLB research before a networking event but it’s not a bad idea:-) My interviewing skills from journalism class come in handy though.

    I do have to say, that even following these guidelines, my kids still think I”m BO-RING unless I am talking about snacks or allowance:-)

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