Moving Up: Ages 8 – 11

Mind Your Manners!
Social Etiquette and Table Manners for Kids

Designed for elementary age kids, ages 8 – 11, this fun and interactive combination course is designed to give students confidence in social situations and at the dining table. It will increase their knowledge and comfort level in various areas of social etiquette, such as first impressions, introductions, gift giving/receiving and behaving as a good host & guest. The second portion of the course will focus on table manners, allowing them to handle themselves and others with ease in any dining situation, whether formal or informal. Classes are focused on good manners and common courtesies that your child will use today and everyday. A wonderful BIG picture class that touches on a bit of everything.

Pass the Peas Please

An excellent class for those kids who want to “gobble up” all there is to know about any dining situation, both formal and informal. We’ll learn all about table settings, various styles of dining, proper use of napkins and utensils, acting as a good host/hostess while dining, behavior at the table, mealtime manners, posture and conversation and so much more! The final class is a mini-meal to show off all that you have learned! This final class may also be held at a restaurant. At the family dinner table, your favorite family restaurant or a special occasion meal, skills gained will be put to use every day!

Social Graces

Make a WOW! impression! Be a good sport! Act as a gracious host and guest. So much to know! In Social Graces, students will have a great time learning and practicing all of the common courtesies that will make them stand heads above the rest. We also review behavior for public places, street smarts, helping behaviors and showing proper respect. Your child will be coming home teaching YOU things!

Don’t Be A Wallflower!
Communication Skills

A class designed to give elementary age students the tools for effective communication and increased confidence. We’ll review greetings and introductions, first impressions and image, conversation skills, listening skills, public speaking, telephone, texting and on-line etiquette and thank you notes. All topics are presented in a fun, interactive way that engages our elementary school kids! Mom and Dad – you KNOW your kids will use these communication skills every day for the rest of their lives! Raise their awareness early on with this course.

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Pack Your Manners

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Networking Etiquette: What Do You Know?

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