PUT DOWN THE PHONE! A Rant from a Frustrated Member of Society


What is wrong with individuals in our society?

Are you THAT important that you need to have your cell phones out at ALL times?

Sometimes you’re talking on it where I can hear you – in the aisles of the grocery store or in the bathroom stall (soooooo gross!).

Other times you just have it out, checking e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

At a restaurant. Interrupting those around you. Ignoring your fellow diners.

At the gym while you are “supposedly” working out. (I’m not a personal trainer, but my guess is that if you are able to be on your phone – chatting or checking status updates while working out – you’re probably not getting a productive calorie burning workout.)

Do you leave it out on the table when out to dinner with friends – even when you’re not expecting a life or death call?

There are a handful of events that  might require immediate and urgent attention. Enough to take away from conversation.  For Heaven’s sake! Real, live, breathing, talking people are sitting right in front of you!

If your job or current life situation (failing health of a family member, sick kids, babysitter at house, etc.), require you to have your phone out in case you get a call, please kindly tell me and then answer the phone when it rings.  Otherwise, put it away.

Please don’t have it staring at us, with the phone taunting: “Your person-to-person conversation is competition with me. As soon as I light up with a new text, follower on Twitter, Snapchat or ring, she’s all mine. Muahahaha. All mine. I. Own. Her.”

Yes, that’s your smart phone talking.

How did we allow this to happen in our society?  Why did it happen?

It’s pretty sad.

We need a re-balancing. Now.

Would you please do your part and influence those around you?

There are plenty of you out there that manage your smart phones.  Kudos and thanks to you! What are your tips to share with others who are owned by theirs?


Mind Your Manners,


  1. Say it, girl! I completely agree!
    One thing I will say, as one of society’s introverts, I know it is easier to use digital devices as a protective barrier than it is to sit/stand exposed when you’re not in familiar circumstances. I have forced myself in recent months NOT to do this, but instead to be alert to the possibility of communication with all those intimidating strangers nearby. I have enjoyed chats in check-out lines, at the dentist office, waiting for my order to come up at Panera – all by resisting the urge to hide behind my smart phone, iPad, or Kindle. I would encourage my fellow introverts to try this experiment. Pretend any one of these “strangers” who are nearby could become a very important connection or could happen to have the very information you need at a given moment. It just might turn out to be the case!

    -Danielle, who is on her iPad at home, not in a waiting room! 🙂

    • Kelly

      Danielle, I love your suggestion to your fellow introverts! It goes hand-in-hand with why I always welcome new experiences where I won’t know a soul. I’m filled with excitement about the possibilities of meeting new people, hearing their stories, learning form them and making new friends! All hard to do if you are attached to your device!

  2. Yes, I agree. I have to tell my husband (a tech junkie) that he is not allowed to access his phone while we are out. He is obsessed with online games and text messaging. I can’t even have a conversation with my kids without the constant dinging from text messages that, at the very least, divert their attention away from our conversation. I know it is killing them to let the message go unchecked while I talk to them. Frustrating!

    • Kelly

      Hi Susan! You’re in good company as I’m sure 1,000’s of others would echo your exact comments. I often wonder what our future will be like……

  3. I agree, Kelly. Such a sad commentary on where we are as a society. The more we are able to “connect” (technically); the less “connected” we become (personally)! We can make rules, as Susan has done with her family, but the constant dinging and near addictions will keep on distracting folks of all ages – even toddlers! (I witnessed this at a restaurant – a crying 2 yr old who was only pacified by her mother’s cell phone!) My suggestion is a whole lot of yoga and meditation, but I don’t think it will fly!

    • Kelly

      Ummmmm…..just doing my mediation Jean! Sadly – we have gone too far to go backwards and it will only get worse in future generations! I love technology, but also appreciate, as you’ve pointed out, the irony of being so connected, but yet so disconnected in our relationships and communications. Each of us as individuals can simply do our part and continue to try to balance it out better!

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