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During my three years as an etiquette consultant, I’ve had a wonderful time interacting with others to make them feel more comfortable in various situations. While teaching a class or giving a presentation, I can often be heard saying that good manners are truly about being kind, courteous and respectful – plain and simple. No fancy pretenses here! One of my goals in my business is to let others know that it really isn’t that important to know which fork is for salad vs. fish vs. dinner vs. cocktails- but that you use a fork, and not treat it like a spear! (Side note: I DO teach the differences in these forks in a table manners course.)

I named my company Etiquette for Everyday very purposefully. It’s our everyday interactions with people that truly matter: a friendly greeting and smile; using those magic words that Mom taught us early in life; showing the cashier at the grocery store the same courtesy that you show your friends; making individuals feel welcomed and speaking kindly about others. Great manners are something we use every day, not just when our rich aunt takes us to the country club for Easter dinner.

The word “etiquette” has a bit of a bad reputation. Trust me – I know what people think when they hear what I do for a living. It makes even the bravest of men quake to think they have to dine with me when my husband and I go out with friends! Talk about a party buzz kill!  “So Kelly, what do you do? Oh, you teach etiquette?”  Suddenly my new friend’s mind is racing: ‘Did I shake her hand properly? What is an appropriate conversation topic? Is she judging me? Oh yes. She must be. She is an E-T-I-Q-U-E-T-T-E consultant. That’s what they do, right? Tell others how to behave?…..’

UGH! So not what I’m about!

I’ll touch on all aspects of etiquette in future blogs – both the “rules” of etiquette and reminders of the everyday occurrences that can set you apart from all others. You’ll be taking home the title of  ‘Most Likely To Develop A Facebook App Called “Niceville” ‘ at the office superlative party. Whew – that’s a mouthful of an award.

I’m so excited to be able to use this forum to make the world a kinder place, one good manner at a time. I welcome YOUR etiquette dilemmas, observations and questions.

Mind your manners!


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  1. I thought I was the only one who got nervous eating out with you!

    I’m so glad you decided to take up blogging Kelly. I’m so looking forward to each entry. Thanks a ton!

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