What Clients Are Saying…

Kelly is an exceptional presenter. When she came to speak before a group of students at Frederick Community College on two occasions, Kelly totally engaged them with her energy, enthusiasm and authenticity. Her positive personality breaks down barriers, and her genuine spirit encourages her audience to soar. Like the students, I felt privileged to have the opportunity to hear Kelly speak and witnessed the wonderful way she motivates others to realize their God-given greatness. ~ Patrice Thomas, Adjunct Instructor, Frederick Community College


Kelly came and spoke with the Greater Baltimore Chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors in April about Networking Etiquette.  She was extremely engaging and interactive with the group.  We all enjoyed her presentation!  It was a pleasure to have her come and speak with us.  I don’t think any one of the 42 people that attended could say they didn’t learn at least 1 thing new that day!  Kelly debunked some myths, and made networking etiquette fun to talk about for an hour.  ~ Heidi Gage – Program and Education Chairperson, GBWCR


Kelly Frager  delivered a business etiquette presentation Thursday as part of our chamber’s Women In Leadership speaker’s series. We learned some terrific and incredibly useful stuff! For instance, did you know that when you go to a networking event that your name tag should be worn on your upper right side? I didn’t! Kelly is spot on and I highly encourage you to contact Kelly today! ~ Colleen Brady, President, Reisterstown-Owings Mills- Glyndon Chamber of Commerce


Thanks to Etiquette for Everyday for customizing a training program geared towards municipal elected officials….The training we received allowed us an opportunity to identify areas of improvement and develop guidelines to improve civil communication.  The workshop was fun, interactive and served its purpose. Kelly Frager’s pleasant, honest and straight forward training, incorporating years of experience as well as detailed research on our specific issues exceeded our expectations.  As a Town we are far better prepared to work together, to serve our community and to set a good example.  We look forward to continued training for our various public commissions and working towards an over civility program for the Town of Mount Airy.  Thank you Kelly Frager!   ~ Patrick Rockinberg, Mayor, Town of Mount Airy


Kelly Frager, owner of Etiquette for Everyday, reminded us that simple acts of everyday kindness can create a powerful impact within our business and personal relationships.  Ms. Frager is a masterful speaker whose refreshing content is engaging to any audience. ~ Amy Wallace, Regional Director- Small Business Technology & Development Center (SBTDC), Northern Region


Kelly’s presentation to our Ijamsville Living business event was very well received. She laid out a convincing case for how civility in the workplace can affect our bottom lines. Kelly also practices what she preaches. By modeling gracious behavior, active listening, and encouragement of others so effectively in her presentation, she epitomized civility and demonstrated just how good it can make others feel. A great time was had by all! ~ Beth Redmond, N2 Publishing, Area Director – Ijamsville Living


I recently had the pleasure of attending a Civility Workshop designed and taught by Kelly Frager of Etiquette for Everyday for the Mount Airy Town Council and Mayor.  It was the fastest three hours of my life.  Kelly’s teaching style was so engaging that many of the underlying issues that were causing dissension among the Councilmen and Mayor were brought to the surface and discussed.  We learned how to debate effectively, maintaining our differing opinions, while listening to the comments of others at the table.  ~ Bob King, Councilman, Town of Mount Airy



After having met Kelly just one time, we were confident that she would be the ideal person to teach etiquette when dealing with difficult clients to our seasoned accountants.  She didn’t disappoint.  She took the time to get to know our organization and understand our issues.  Her interactive presentation was both entertaining and spot-on.

~ Jeanne E. Hall  Marketing & Client Relations Manager, Linton Shafer Warfield & Garrett, PA  |  Certified Public Accountants & Business Consultants


Kelly Frager is a joy to work with! She teaches a non-credit course for artist entrepreneurs and business owners, Professional Edge for Artists, and gets consistently high ratings from students.  Kelly was recently the facilitator for a half-day program for women business owners and business professionals, Savvy Success Secrets.  Her presentation and delivery was so enjoyable that we are asking her back again this fall to facilitate another such program for our community.  ~ Marlene Titus, Coordinator Miller Center for Small Business at Carroll Community College


 I was so impressed with Kelly Frager’s ability to keep the Savvy Success Workshop content-driven and fun at the same time. She brilliantly structured the seminar in a way that not only enabled her to provide important information to the group, but kept the participants actively engaged throughout. And as an experienced presenter, she knows how to incorporate every participant’s response, allowing each woman to feel her contribution is valid and appreciated.   ~ Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager, NoWorriesIT


Your presentation was fantastic! Students were engaged and very interested in the topic and the discussion. When students were asked to rate the presentation on a scale of 1-10, these students gave it a 9 rating! Several staff members were also very impressed with the presentation. We would love to have you return again next year!  ~  Gwen Dorsey, Principal, Urbana Middle School, MD  (I’ll gladly accept a “9” from middle school students who heard me talk about etiquette!)

Kelly – thank you, thank you, thank you!  I signed up my daughter Lauren for more of your classes and she LOVED them as usual!  She has taken the thank you writing class, the table manners class, and the social graces class!  She was so excited to take more classes from you!  And now she writes thank you notes without being asked to do so!  I really hope you come back to Virginia some more!  I will definitely enroll Lauren in all your classes (she is 9).  And I hope you might offer some classes for teenagers in Virginia because I also have a 9th grader that could use your tips!
Again, many thanks.  You are truly making a difference in children’s lives!  ~Robin, Lauren’s happy mom


Thanks again for speaking at Seth’s Bear Scout Den meeting last night. We really enjoyed your class. Seth says he loved it. He really liked learning about the handshakes. We both liked how you talked about different situations, settings, ages and genders too. It will be easy to remember the rule to always ask yourself if you are being: kind, courteous and respectful. It is wonderful to have someone help keep good manners alive. You were able to relate to and engage active, energetic 3rd grade boys.  ~Eve, Mother of 3rd Grader

Kelly Frager knows how to make etiquette fun for kids. Letting the kids play birthday party, with gifts to open, all while teaching them how to be gracious hosts is fun and effective. And what teen wouldn’t want to role play cell phone etiquette, since they are on their cell phones all the time, anyway? Kelly has a fun personality that is contagious. I bet the kids just think they are having a blast and don’t even know they learned what good manners are all about ~ making others feel comfortable and respected.  ~Jeanne


Thank you for a great class.  The girls LOVED IT!  They came home and set the table and explained everything that you should do and not to do.  They were correcting both me and Dave for things we are doing.  I learned from them.  Just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to do this with the kids.  It’s a great learning experience.  ~Amy, Mom of two daughters who have taken both a social etiquette and table manners class


Thank you for presenting to our high school freshman. I think your presentation was valuable and made a positive impact on our students. Your message was very positive. I think it is vital for the students to start to realize that the competition for the top schools, spots in Career and Tech, etc. begins now. It also important that they realize that how they look and dress is vital to their chances for success. I also appreciated your professional approach to your presentation. You are clearly a very polished professional speaker, and that helped to add to the impact of your presentation.

~ High School Principal regarding  “First Impressions” assembly


I just wanted to pass along our sincere appreciation from the girls and leaders of Girl Scout Troop 1722.  Thank you for your flexibility with scheduling as well as customizing the content for our troop.  Patty and I were impressed that you were able to keep these fourth grade girls interested in the topic of manners for over an hour.  They loved it!   We enjoyed seeing all of these little young ladies excited to learn how important first impressions really are and what they need to do to make a great first impression.  This topic really meshes well with our upcoming community service project.  Even as adults we often lack the etiquette for success in making first impressions.  Patty and I felt like we came away with some good information too.  Your experience, professionalism and comfort with children made our manners class a great success!  I wanted to tell you that I ran into one of our moms in the store the next day and I asked her if her daughter enjoyed it.  I think her reaction sums it up for all of us. “This was a great idea and made a lasting impression. She couldn’t wait to put the information into action”.   I will not hesitate to recommend your services and I look forward to working with you again.

~ Erica and Patricia , Girl Scout Troop Leaders


I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation on Monday and I believe the 7th and 8th grade students did as well. I definitely know the ten girls who participated in the presentation learned a lot about themselves…I am very happy we had the opportunity to work with you. You are a very creative and professional business woman and a wonderful role model for the students. I hope we have another opportunity to work together. ~Middle School Principal (after a “Dress Your Best Assembly”)

I believe your lessons were among the most productive and useful the students have received in our program. We can no longer assume that simple life skills are being incorporated into the lives of all students and your business fills a huge need. I can proudly say that I have watched our PEP students shake hands and introduce themselves properly on several occasions. I often refer to your lessons during our meetings and the students always immediately remember your advice and correct any misbehavior! I certainly hope I have the opportunity to work with you again next year.

~Judi, Middle School Teacher and Student Club Advisor

I would like to personally thank you for a wonderful class. Jara really enjoyed being your student and feels like she has learned so much! She said she wouldn’t change a thing and is looking forward to the next one. I think you are fabulous and loved the fact that there are still moms and dads that value manners and social etiquette in a world that seems to have forgotten them.

~Lynmarie, Mom of middle school student

We will work together again and think you are an excellent teacher, communicator and very remarkable person. We are so glad to have you be part of us as a continuing adjunct consultant and expert to SSSPA.

~Cheryl, Owner of Shining Stars Studio of Performing Arts


Lexi and Whitney loved the class. Both of them said they wanted to go more! It was very handy this past weekend when Whitney was going to a birthday party. We pulled out your sheet with the party etiquette and reviewed it. The same evening we were having rice for dinner. Lexi reminded Whitney how they were supposed to scoop their rice (and their soup if they have it!) It was cute! Thanks very much. I thought it was well worth the time!


Kelly is the epitome of graciousness, and her classes and camps teach skills so rare – and so needed – in our culture today. I wish I could make all the lawyers go to Kelly’s class.



The Kids Also Have Something to Say

(If I could only share all the adorable pictures that I get as thank you notes. They make my day!)


Thank you so much for coming to our school and teaching us how to dress when we go on an interview. Also, thank you for telling us how to act appropriately. You helped me look forward to a lot in my future. It was a pleasure to have you here with us. Thanks again for everything you have done for us.

~Shobika, Middle School Student


Thank you for teaching me this week! I had an awesome time! I hope I can come next year! And have more fun!

~Steven, 2nd grader


Thank you for coming to our Brownie meeting and teaching us handshakes and manners and answering the phone, using eye contact and firmly shaking hands. You made manners fun!

~Brownies of Troop 5004


I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit our class. I learned about the importance of first impressions…Most importantly, you should never judge a person on how they look before you get to know them.

~Brynn, 6th grader


Thank you for teaching me for all 4 classes. All of them were great. You are very very nice. If I had to pick the nicest teacher I’ve had, it would definitely be you!

~Shannon, 4th grader

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