The Connection Between Happiness and Good Manners



My current read is  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. This cool little book details Gretchen’s one-year intentional focus on happiness. As I read, the connection between happiness and what  Etiquette For Everyday is all about couldn’t be more obvious. And it is exciting!

It is well-researched that those who are happiest have strong social bonds.  I’m forever reminding that etiquette is about “relationships, not rules.” Whether I’m teaching communication skills, business or social etiquette, dining etiquette or first impressions; speaking to the young or old(er) – my goal is to provide others with the confidence and comfort level to make connections.  Real, live, human connections!

During the month of June, Rubin’s monthly happiness focus is “Make Time For Friends.”  My favorite month in the book! Her action steps include:

  • Remember birthdays. Through this, you continue to be connected to others.
  • Be generous. Help people think big. Bring people together. Cut people slack.
  • Show Up. Make time for your relationships. No time = no friends.
  • Don’t Gossip. See my last blog post for assistance with this point.
  • Make three new friends. This action focuses your efforts on making a positive first impression and spending time getting to know others.

As you go about your day, focus on making others happy. It’s a guarantee that you too will feel happy.

Be great. Act great. Feel great. Even on those days when you may not feel like it. Fake it until you feel it. People want to be around those who are positive.

Nurture the important relationships that make life meaningful. It’s what you leave behind.

Treat others with kindness, courtesy and respect. Make connections. It’s what etiquette is all about.

My thanks to The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Please visit the site, become a fan on Facebook and receive her blog. Be happy!

Mind Your Manners,


  1. I love this book, Kelly! Thanks for sharing the connection with etiquette. It all comes back to common courtesy, doesn’t it? I think sometimes we get so busy – especially when we have young children – that we think “friends are a luxury” – so we don’t make time for them:-( Thanks for reminding us of how important friends are! (And that true friends are not ‘numbers on a list’ on social media…but real, live relationships!)

    • Kelly

      Thank you Theresa. I couldn’t agree more. It was cool to be reading the book and realize, especially during this particular chapter on friendships, that what Gretchen Rubin was discussing and what I foster is really the same: connections, amongst friends and strangers alike. Relationships take the anonymity out of our society and open the door to happiness and common courtesies….I love both!

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