The Gossip


You see her coming. You DON’T want to hear it! You know that gossip leads to trouble and is poor manners. We see it with teenage girls and women whose teen years were decades ago.

The Gossip will always be part of the cast of characters that make up our conversation landscape.

Do you know how to stop a gossip without sounding like a prude?

Take these words from author of The Art of Civilized Conversation, Margaret Shepherd, to stop your gossip in her tracks.

  • You don’t want to tell me that.
  • I don’t need to know that.
  • Does (the person) know that you are telling me this?
  • Is this private information?
  • I’ll wait until the facts are in on that.
  • I think we can be more charitable.
  • Do you think that (person) wants this known and talked about?
  • Don’t believe every piece of gossip that you hear from that source.
  • I don’t listen to that sort of thing.
  • Do you really want to keep that old rumor going?

Truth  in your conversation and what you choose to discuss helps define who you are as a person and trusted friend.

Mind Your Manners,


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