The Kitchen Table


Last week our family of five enjoyed the last meal together at our “old” kitchen table (see picture). It was a table that served us well over the past thirteen plus years. As we were eating dinner and talking about the delivery of our new kitchen table, I was hit with a HUGE  “AHA!” moment. I had never given much thought to the significance a kitchen table plays in our lives. So here’s my tribute to all the kitchen tables out there:

Thank you kitchen table for bringing our family together each night to reconnect after a busy day.

Thank you kitchen table being the place where we taught (and are still teaching) our kids good table manners so they can dine delightfully with us. And in public.  And at friends’ houses. And at job interviews.

Thank you kitchen table for being the gathering spot for all types of celebrations and fellowship amongst family and friends.

Thank you kitchen table for being the place where we helped our children develop conversation skills and honed ours. Asking questions. Listening. Laughing.

Thank you kitchen table for being the surface on which my kids did their homework, made crafts and colored. You have the love marks to prove it.

As silly as it seems to express my gratitude to our kitchen table, it plays a HUGE role as Central Hub of House. The table is used to develop entertaining skills, conversation skills, dining etiquette and every day manners- such as saying excuse me, please &  thank you. ALL these are part of raising polite and respectful children.

Most importantly, a kitchen table brings people together. Brings families together. Our world could use a lot more togetherness.

As you sit at your kitchen table today, reflect on all the moments it has seen and all that has been learned around it. If only it could talk. Ahhh…. the stories it would tell.


Mind Your Manners and Love Thy Table,



  1. So true, Kelly! As much as I would love to replace our kitchen table, I’m a little sentimental about it. It’s the only one my family has ever had – and it’s the central hub of our house, like you said. So I think I’ll keep it for a little while longer, and enjoy the love marks. Our next one may just be a Table for Two…which is so sad to think about.

    • Kelly

      I too never realized how much the kitchen table means to a family..until it was time to say goodbye! Please don’t make me think about a table for two! With one going off to college, it’s already starting to shrink. Thanks for reading Theresa and for your support!

  2. All the dings and scratches are part of your family’s story! Love your aha moment. Love you!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Mom! Love you too! I’m thankful that the kitchen table was yet another reminder to me to fully enjoy each one of life’s moments and chapters.

  3. Kelly, you certainly gave me new respect for my kitchen table!! Thank you!

    • Kelly

      You are so welcome Kathy! Thank you for reading this blog. Being the fantastic Mom that you are, I bet that you already recognized the sentimental value of the kitchen table!

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