Two Power Words You Should Use More Often


The magic words. thank you sign


You’re welcome

Excuse me

I’m sorry

And today’s feature….


Of course astute you knows to use a genuine, sincere “thank you” when receiving a gift, act of kindness or when your server delivers your meal to your table.  But have you thought about the many other opportunities to show your gratitude with this simple phrase?

Thank you” should often be the first words out of your mouth.

Customer complains about a product or service in your line of work? “Thank you for making us aware of …” (This is the absolute BEST disarming phrase in customer service!)

Responding to an inquiry from a potential client? “Thank you for thinking of me/the company.”

Receive a compliment? “Thank you!” (Compliments are gifts. Receive them gracefully.)

Someone voices their disagreement with your opinion?Thank you for sharing your perspective.”

Met a new person at a networking event?  “Thank you for telling me about your line of work.”

Someone has asked you to volunteer or make a donation – all for a great cause – but you must decline?  “Thank you for the work you do for XYZ charity and for asking me to be a part of it.  At this time I won’t be able to participate, but I applaud your work and the cause.”

Concluded an engagement or interaction with a customer? “Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.” Or “Thank you for asking me/company to be part of this initiative.”

What are some situations where YOU use these two awesome, super-power words? I challenge you to use all of the magic words every day and often, but your challenge these next several weeks is to extend a genuine “thank you” as often as you possibly can. Game on!

Mind Your Manners,


  1. Thank you for holding the door, thank you for calling, thank you for being you! So many opportunities to say thank you throughout the day. I am not sure one can say it too often and even so, is that such a bad thing to be known for -someone who says thank you too much? I think not. Thank you Kelly for the wonderful reminder!

    • Kelly

      And thank YOU Angela for those examples and for stating that you can never say thank you enough! I love a person who is full of thanks!

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