What’s a Girl at a Boy Scout Meeting To Do?


I work with scout troops regularly and love it! They are always fun to teach. I myself was a Girl Scout back in the day. Several, several days ago. And all three of my kids were involved in scouts at different points of their young lives.

Recently, I had a fantastic opportunity to talk to a group of Scoutmasters. For those of you who remember, there are ceremonial duties at the start of each meeting – the Pledge of Allegiance, the Scout promise, a song, etc. As I stood, not knowing the words to the scout promise, it made me think……

What is the etiquette when you are a guest – at a meeting; in a  house of worship that is a different religious denomination than yours;  or in a foreign country while their national anthem is being sung or recited? What should you do when pledges, songs or anthems are being spoken or sung, but yet you either don’t know the words or don’t “own” them?

You stand. Out of respect. You don’t need to know the words. You don’t need to agree, to reassign your loyalties or disown your beliefs. You stand as your way of respecting the organization, the culture, the religion.

Imagine if you were attending a baseball game and as you stand, hat removed, singing along to the National Anthem, visitors from another country continued to sit and talk? I know what you’d say. You’d say, “That is SO disrespectful!”

Kindness, courtesy and respect. As a follow-up to my last blog, good manners are so very simple.

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