Why I Want To Be Santa


Even as a mid-lifer, I think about my answer for the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I want to be Santa. Not the Santa you find sitting at the mall, but the real spirit of Santa. And here’s why:

  • Santa delivers joy. Nothing but joy.
  • Santa is magical. He has special charismatic powers over big and little people everywhere.
  • Santa makes MOST humans smile. (He also terrifies some very young children – as witnessed by mall Santas everywhere)
  • Everyone loves Santa. He’s the quintessential good-guy.
  • Santa knows how to make the kids behave. Who would think the words “Santa is watching.” would invoke obedient compliance – especially when Santa is so jolly and merry? Oh the power of gifts!
  • Santa brings out the best in all of us.
  • Santa’s job is to give gifts. Such an awesome gig!
  • Santa is an excellent listener. It’s what he does best. Can you imagine the interesting and funny conversations he’s had with millions of honest, sweet and innocent children? Kids are funny!
  • Santa’s eyes twinkle with pure happiness.
  • Santa’s giving is thoughtful, surprising and even a little mysterious! He never really sees the delight in kids faces as they awake on Christmas morning. But he knows in his heart that he’s made the children happy.
  • Santa relishes in the true joy of unconditional giving. He gives with a happy heart.
  • Santa gets to eat lots and lots of homemade cookies and fly.

As a big fan of Santa (and historical fiction), I highly recommend a favorite book of mine: The Autobiography of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn. The first line in the book reads “You’re right to believe in me.” I’ve given this book as a gift plenty of times! It’s also the perfect book for the tween who might be questioning the magic of Santa. Click here to see it on Amazon.

December 6 was St. Nicolas Day. My friends over at The Art of Simple had a wonderful blog post about why they decided to start celebrating  St. Nicolas Day – and a little bit of history about the Jolly Old Elf. In their words, “I love the idea of teaching my kids the real, historical Nicholas, and why he’s such a symbol of generosity during Christmas. Exploring his life also helps explain the whole What-does-Santa-have-to-do-with-Jesus? questions. He was a follower of Christ, and loved giving in His name.

Here’s hoping that all of us have a little bit of Santa in our hearts  this holiday season….and always.




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